About Us

Dickie Armour

News Show Host

Dickie runs Armour Marketing Ltd, an online marketing business whose clients include one of the UK’s biggest domain name Registrars, a brand licensing focused email business where clients include global brands such as Warner Bros., CBS Consumer Products, Viacom International and South Park Studios.

He is a cryptocurrency and ICO investor and has a personal portfolio of over 22 different cryptocurrencies.

He began looking into this whole world of Bitcoin back in 2015 when a contact in the domain name industry began mining Bitcoin. Dickie became fascinated and in 2017 more and more people approached Dickie to ask about Bitcoin; what it actually was and whether it was a safe investment. People were really worried about all the stories of hacking and Governments and Banks around the world, banning different cryptocurrencies exchanges. They wanted to know how they could buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and how they could keep them safe.

It can be a mine field and it is still way too complex and complicated for the man or woman on the street to just go ahead and buy some cryptocurrencies.

So Dickie wrote a book; “Making Millions From Bitcoin” to help them and other newbies. It will be available on Amazon Kindle in the next month.

And that’s why, in January 2018 Dickie launched this news channel. It’s aimed at newcomers and those who have only been dabbling in cryptocurrencies for a few months to help keep them updated on industry news as well as educate them on all the complex aspects such as exchanges, wallets and to alert people to the many scams so they can avoid them.

Dickie lives in Bristol, UK with his wife and teenage daughter.

Phil Martin

News Show Producer

Phil is a film maker, director and photographer.

He studied film making at Manchester Metroploitan University and has a first class honours degree in film making.

Phil is the creative genius behind the branding for the show and all the clever digital editing of each show.

Phil has worked on a few different film sets and runs his film and photography business in Somerset, UK.